Do you offer warranties, what is your Return Policy?

Returns & Exchanges on Non-Custom Pieces and Stones

We at Dempsey’s Jewelers stand behind our craftsmanship.

*Non-Custom merchandise is returnable for refund up to 14 days after purchase. We understand that a jewelry purchase can be a big decision, and we want you to feel excited about your purchase with us. To make sure you are completely happy, we allow you 14 days from your invoice date to Return or Exchange any item bought from the case (non-custom) that has not been altered. The jewelry must be in perfect condition & not altered or worn, & include all paperwork like certificates, boxes, manuals, etc. If additional work was completed on the item that does not affect its ability to be resold, you will only be charged for the labor completed on the piece.

Refunds will be issued in the same method in which payment was originally made (for example, if purchased on a credit card, it must be refunded to the same credit card), usually within 3-5 business days of receiving your jewelry return. Checks will take longer to process.

If you are making a return or exchange, please contact us for return instructions or questions.

*If you are past the initial 14 day Return/Exchange time frame, we still allow Exchanges on all un-altered items in perfect condition for 30 days from date of invoice.

Stone Loss Warranty

Should a gemstone WE SUPPLY and set fall out of your ring we will replace it up to a stone value of $500.00, at No Charge, or pay the insurance deductible up to $500.00 for a period of up to three years. It is important that the piece is insured under a homeowners, renters or individual jewelry insurance policy, as the maximum liability we can accept is $500.00. Gemstones of higher value should be insured by you and you will need to contact your insurance company in the case of a loss. If we feel the mounting is not secure we will tell you before any work is done and we will not provide a stone loss warranty.

We do not guarantee against gemstones breaking or chipping. All gemstones can crack, break or chip, even diamonds! You should add all fine jewelry to a homeowners or renters policy, which usually protect against loss, damage or theft.

We can not guarantee stones we didn’t set, in jewelry we didn’t make.
This may seem obvious, but to be clear, for repairs & restorations, stone tightening and any other maintenance, we only guarantee the work we do. (So, for example, if we size a ring we will do our best to check the quality of the settings, but we don’t take liability for work done by other shops.)

We guarantee our repair work for one year and our custom work for three years, however normal wear and tear happens, and you will need to maintain your piece over the years, including (eventually) re-tipping prongs and replacing worn metal. Just like a set of tires on a car, metals wear down over time. Platinum is the most resistant to wear of all the precious metals and will need less maintenance than Gold, Silver or Palladium alloys.

We very strongly recommend that you have your ring inspected every 6 months and have any needed maintenance done as needed.

We don’t pay for items to be shipped for inspections or work unless there is an original workmanship problem. We promise to always make a good faith effort to fairly and honestly deal with all of our customers in every way. Our stone loss warranty can be an important part of your satisfaction and trust in our shop, so feel free to ask any questions about our policy.