Customer Reviews

“Always excellent work by top-quality jewelers and knowledgeable, friendly sales personnel. The Dempsey’s family is just that…family. They have made many creative and beautiful pieces of jewelry for me to pass on to my children and grandchildren. I am forever grateful.”

– Eve S.

“The kindest people you will ever find in a jewelry store. I am very picky, and they are always patient and sweet. Definitely recommend them for anything!”

– Hunter H.

“Selection, customer service with a smile, knowledgeable and nice employees…check, check and check!! LOVE shopping in the store!!”

– Elizabeth R.

“We absolutely love Dempsey’s! My husband worked with Chris Jordan on a custom wedding set and they were able to come up with the perfect rings for me. We shop there for all of our jewelry.”

– Johnny M.

“I had just had two pieces remade at Dempsey’s. They did the job right, they had it ready on time when promised, and they did it for an excellent price. I am very pleased with my new forever jeweler. Thank you!”

– Andrew M.

“Always professional and helpful in knowing exactly what I want! Thank you Bailey!!”

– Chrystal M.

“The staff is always helpful and cheerful. I enjoy going in there. They have great ideas on desiging pieces that I’ve used several times.”

– Cathy C.

“Wonderful people and service. I took my bridal set to get the bands sized up. Picked them up today and they are gorgeous, they cleaned both and they shine like new money.”

– Stacy B.

“7 years ago I went to Dempsey’s to have them design a ring for me using my existing solitare. They made a breathtaking rendering of a ring for me. I was recently able to have them actually make the ring for me. Each time I went to the store, I was greeted warmly. They explained each step of the process and how long each step would take. The ring was completed on time and was just as beautiful as the rendering. Very satisfied.”

– Michelle G.

“I love this store! The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. I fully trust them with all my jewelry needs and would highly recommend them for purchases of new jewelry, repairs and appraisals, and the design of original pieces. I couldn’t be happier with the service and quality!”

– Debbie G.

“Chris and Keylan went above and beyond to make sure my proposal was very special. Dempsey’s staff is incredibly talented at what they do and truly care about their customers.”

– Ben P.

“They have so many charms to choose from! So friendly and willing to help! Love this store!”

– Shawna F.

“Dempsey’s is fast, friendly and professional. I will be returning for all of my future jewelry needs.”

– Kim L.

“Dempsey’s is absolutely the best jewelry store in town! The friendly staff makes it a joy to shop with them. I never feel rushed to make a decision and they are so accommodating if we change our minds last minute! Dempsey’s is our go-to for special occasions.”

– Myra H.

“Great experience from start to finish. Great group of very knowledgeable, helpful and courteous employees.”

– George B.

“Love Dempsey’s and all of their employees! They know us by name, when we come through the door. They usually know what we are looking for without us saying a word!”

– Mandy S.