GLOCK Watches are renowned for their exceptional blend of robustness and elegance. While most of our models are equipped with precise Swiss movements and an interchangeable strap system, all our watches feature scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and are designed for both adventurous and sophisticated settings. Our timepieces are distinctive due to their functionality, style, and versatility to cater to individual lifestyles and preferences.

GLOCK watches are available with various levels of water resistance, ranging from 5 ATM to 20 ATM, making them suitable for everyday wear and certain water activities.

"Dempsey’s always provides excellent customer service. Each person there is so kind and ready to help you find the piece of jewelry that is perfect for you. They have made several exquisite pieces of jewelry for me over the years, and the quality and beauty never disappoint. I am grateful to have such kind and talented people to rely on for my jewelry wants and needs."

– Laura A.