Custom Jewelry Design

We Can Make Your Dreams Come to Life

Dempsey’s Jewelers invites you to work with our designers and craftsmen to create the piece of jewelry you’ve always wanted.

Dempsey’s Jewelers invites you to work with our designers and craftsmen to create the piece of jewelry you’ve always wanted. Let us help you design your dreams, make the model, cast your creation, and then our goldsmiths will finish your piece and set your stones. We are the only Jewelers in the Tri-Cities that can hand carve, mill or 3D print your designs, investment cast, finish and set stones – in house. Feel free to browse some of the custom jewelry we have made for previous clients. You can browse for ideas and save notes to use as you create your own Unique Design!

Let your imagination take you away with custom designed treasures made with computer enhanced imagery and renderings in the finest custom jewelry traditions. Dempsey’s uses revolutionary, state of the art design software to create your custom jewelry. From rings to cufflinks, pendants to earrings, each detail of your piece is meticulously crafted for you individually.

Do you have rings, earrings or pendants with precious stones in them that you don’t wear anymore? Have you been given some jewelry that is not quite your style? Or do you just want to start from scratch and design pretty much anything you can imagine?

Let Dempsey’s Jewelers custom create a work of art for you.

"I love that I can help in such major events in people’s lives. Hearing their stories, their events, and what lead them to the store; then taking all of that in and helping them create a piece of jewelry which captures all of those moments, is what drives me."

– Chris Jordan

The Process is Easy!

We begin the process with a consultation session. Call or email us to set up an appointment to discuss your ideas.

We want your consultation to be relaxing, fun and inspiring. Our ultimate goal is to create a piece of jewelry that we can all be proud of, and have a fun time doing it! Our artists work directly with you; choosing your favorite looks, reviewing ideas, examining many samples, photos and sketching concepts for the design. We truly love designing and creating fine jewelry, and we promise to pay extra time and attention to ensure that everything is just right! Whether you know exactly what you want or have absolutely no clue…we pay careful attention to each client‘s taste and look at each project as a fun challenge to create a unique and beautiful work of art. During your in-store consultation you can expect:

  • A meeting with a jewelry artist…not a salesperson.
  • A unique, fun and relaxed atmosphere conducive to creativity.
  • An opportunity to create a custom piece designed especially for you.
  • Design advice if needed.

(Written or e-mailed estimates are good for 30 days and may be subject to change if metals or stone prices change sharply.)

Step 1

Custom Design

We model your piece with one of our state of the art 3-D computer design softwares, and create photo-realistic renderings for you. Our CAD modelers are all jewelry design artists with a little bit of engineer in them. They strive for artistry and technical perfection in every detail of each new design. For pieces where CAD modeling is not the right approach, we may sketch, hand carve wax models or hand fabricate our designs.

Step 2

Wax Model

Wax models are used both for settling design details and for production of cast pieces. If the piece is to be cast, and most are, we first create a wax master model. We do this by using a state-of-the-art Solidscape wax prototype machine. Once completed, you can view your model to see if it is exactly what you’re looking for. If not, we will make adjustments at no additional charge, and we are never offended if the wax does not turn out as you expected. We will work with you until we get it exactly right.

Step 3


Once all waxes have been approved, the jewelry is now set for casting. We cast most pieces in our own in-house casting facility. Castings come out with a smooth but matte surface finish, and require significant hand work to bring out the perfect finish of platinum, gold or palladium. This is intricate work, and requires much skill and a fine eye for detail.

Step 4


We first tumble finish our castings to brighten even the hardest to reach areas before hand detailing every piece. Our skilled goldsmiths will then finish your work of art by setting stones, if the design calls for them, and adds the finishing touches to make your piece of jewelry the perfect piece for you.

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