Our Team


Kelly Jordan, Chris’ wife, began working part-time at the retail store on Knob Creek Road in 1998.  Throughout school, she worked part-time, and then began full-time in 2003.  Kelly is GIA certified and trained in Diamonds and Diamond Grading.

Kelly now works part-time, while spending the rest of her time with their daughter and son.


Chris Jordan, Dempsey’s son, has been involved in the family jewelry business his entire life.  He worked part-time in the retail store on Knob Creek Road until 1998, when he began working full-time.  At this point, Dempsey began training Chris more extensively as a bench jeweler.  Dempsey also began training Chris to eventually run the family business, which he has done now for over 10 years.  In addition to his bench training, Chris is certified and trained by GIA in Diamonds and Diamond Grading and in Color Gemstones.

When Chris is not in the jewelry store he loves spending time with his family and his church family.  He also enjoys spending time outdoors.


Zack has been with Dempsey’s for more than 15 years having begun in an informal apprenticeship with Dempsey in 1995.

He primarily serves as a bench jeweler skilled in many aspects of the trade. He also handles most of our custom work, and can be found on the sales floor helping customers as needed.

Having started with limited knowledge, he has developed a love for the industry and trade. “I was recommended to Dempsey in the beginning because of my artistic background, and I’ve come to really enjoy the artwork and creativity involved with jewelry. It really is a pleasure to create or restore pieces for our customers. It’s exciting to see and hear their reactions, and that’s highly valued when they’ve trusted you to do the work. Regarding the trade, there are so many skill sets and facets that really make and keep this career interesting.”

Zack is a family man with a wonderful wife and four children, and he serves as a minister for the church. In his personal time, he enjoys basketball and woodworking.


Kristy joined Dempsey’s Jewelers in 2014. She enjoys spending time with her sons along with reading and visits to the beach. Kristy likes helping people to find the special pieces that bring smiles to their hearts and become family traditions and memories.


Madison started working in the fall of 2022 after completing an internship with the Walt Disney World company. She is a 2019 graduate of Carson Newman University with a degree in communications. Madison enjoys the art of photography and capturing the beauty of fine jewelry to showcase through various social media platforms. Meeting new people and making connections is something she values. Madison is a GIA certified jewelry professional.
In her free time Madison loves to read, explore the outdoors, and spend time with her family.


Beth has been with Dempsey’s since Christmas 2014. She loves being able to talk and work with customers every day. Her favorite jewelry is diamond jewelry and pearls. Beth is a GIA certified jewelry professional and trained by GIA in Diamonds and Diamond Grading. In her free time, Beth enjoys working at Church and spending time with her children.


Declan began working at Dempsey’s in the Spring of 2020. He enjoys helping customers find the perfect engagement ring while keeping them well informed and the experience stress free. Declan is a GIA certified jewelry professional and trained by GIA in Diamonds and Diamond Grading. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and attending sporting events.


Heather joined the Dempsey’s team in 2011. She is a native of East Tennessee, graduated from ETSU with a BFA in art and a concentration in metalsmithing. She has been a goldsmith, designer and repair person since 1996. Heather loves traveling, eclectic music and good food.


Clayton started with Dempsey’s in January of 2008. With no formal training in jewelry or jewelry design, he started his journey learning 3D CAD jewelry design shortly after joining the Dempsey’s team. With a background in computer programming and photography, he was able to put all of his skills to good use. Now with over 15 years design experience, building custom jewelry is second nature and he can quickly design and heirloom piece that will last for decades.
“ I love that I am able to use the different skills I have learned over the years all in one place. I can be creative while doing so in a computer driven environment. Once the design is finished, I also get to photograph the finished piece for our portfolio.”

In his off time, Clayton loves spending time with his wife and son and fishing.


Mark began working for Dempsey’s in 2002 as a bench jeweler in an informal apprenticeship with Dempsey and has become proficient in most aspects of jewelry repair and production. He now serves as the shop manager overseeing the bench jewelers and the repair aspects of the business. He has become a great leader in attitude and example.

Mark has always been very talented working with his hands and is what people call “mechanically minded.” Regarding his work, he says, “I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing a job well done and the reactions it creates in our customers.”

Mark is married with four grown children and enjoys classic cars and going to car shows.


Jason has been with Dempsey’s since September 2015. With no prior experience in the jewelry industry, he quickly grew an appreciation for fine jewelry and it’s craftsmanship. He loves helping people with family heirlooms that mean so much, helping refurbish or create something that will be cherished for a lifetime. Jason is a graduate of Freed Hardiman University and is certified and trained by GIA in Diamonds and Diamond Grading.  In his free time he loves spending time with family and watching football and basketball.


Maggie started working at Dempsey’s in May of 2020. She enjoys managing the social media sites, and her favorite part about working at Dempsey’s is helping people use sentimental jewelry, creating it into something new that will be cherished for years to come. Maggie’s favorite gemstone is an Opal, which is also her birthstone! Maggie is a GIA certified jewelry professional. In her off time she enjoys reading and spending time with her husband.